How long does the course take?

We give you everything you need to start your journey, have fun, and grow with confidence.

Drum Ambition gives you the tools to progress at your own pace.

The pace of progression is different for everyone, as much depends on personal practice time, but we hope that these guidelines can help.

Module 1 eases you into the most popular beats and fills, and focuses on the all important foundation. The pace is entirely up to you, but if you are starting your journey from the very beginning, we recommend an initial pace of one video per week, allowing for all-important practice time in between. As there are 30 videos in this first Module, you can expect to spend 6 months on this part of the course. You'll be playing your first beats within a couple of days, and we then start carefully building on each subject area, providing practice tips and guidance every step of the way. This Module will give you everything you need to develop a solid foundation.

Modules 2-5 are all about building on the foundation, and adding to your library of grooves and fills, exploring different styles, and adding some extra flair. There are 40 videos in this part of the course, and assuming you continue watching one to two videos a week and allowing time for practice, you can expect to spend 6 months+ on this area.

We also have 25 Special Feature Videos that cover a wide variety of extra subject material, from developing technique and understanding rudiments to frequently asked questions. We guide you to these videos at the appropriate time, while you enjoy Modules 1-5.

With 500+ additional audio file examples, and over 75+ music notation PDFs, Drum Ambition is the complete solution for beginner drummers.

Our free lessons page will show you the first video from each Module.

Your drumming adventure awaits.