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"Brilliant site to use - easy to follow, and Simon is very focused and enjoyable to listen to. So glad I found this site - will dip into it for years to come."

Jude - Drum Ambition Subscriber in the UK.


"These first lessons with Drum Ambition were clear, concise, and a much better way to build a solid foundation. I now know what to practice and know exactly what to work on before moving on. I feel more confident as a drummer after 1 month of Drum Ambition than I did after 4+ months of alternatives."

MikeY - Drum Ambition Subscriber in Canada.


"I just wanted to thank you for creating Drum Ambition. I started as a complete novice in June not knowing anything about drumming (but having wanted to learn for 15 years), and by the time I finished Module 1 in  December I felt very confident playing along to some of my favorite songs. Your videos were always clear and well explained, which made practice easy."

Gabe - Drum Ambition Subscriber in the USA.


"I am loving this beyond words. I am a 55 year old physician. A day didn't go by when I didn't think about playing the drums. Your course is really great."

Neil - Drum Ambition Subscriber in the USA.


"I found Drum Ambition to be the most flexible financially, and was not overwhelming in terms of what is offered. All of the lessons are nicely laid out and really easy to navigate.  The system tracks whether you have already viewed a video which is a helpful feature. PDF music sheets can be printed off AND music notation is on the screen while watching a video lesson, which is perfect."

Jodi - Drum Ambition Subscriber in the USA.


"Thanks for all the help and encouragement. I'm a 65 year old who picked up the sticks after a lifetime of air drumming. My grandson, granddaughter, son-in-law and myself now jam together. I'm working on the program, building the basics and seeing progress."

Thomas - Drum Ambition Subscriber in the USA.


"High quality drum lessons for beginners! Simon is a great teacher who communicates the lessons clearly and effectively. Sound and picture quality are top notch, and the overall layout is great. Simon is also there for you as support and is very reliable in getting back to you with any questions you may have - providing detailed responses and answers. Drum Ambition is a great place to learn how to play the drums."

Brian - Drum Ambition Subscriber in the USA.


"Very good online based tuition. Simon explains everything clearly and gets you playing the basics in no time at all. Well laid out and methodical - much better than a lot of sites out there. One of the best parts is Simon's response to any questions you may have. He always gets back to you quickly with in-depth replies. Thoroughly recommended for the beginner drummer."

Lance - Drum Ambition Subscriber in the UK.


"The structure, content and the video lessons themselves (including the Notation and Extras) made it feel like taking personal lessons, and it was not overwhelming. Perfectly arranged, packaged and paced. I'd recommend this site to anyone. A real music education."

Alexander - Drum Ambition Subscriber in the USA.


"I started Drum Ambition just over a month ago. I had never held a drum stick before. Thank you for putting together a terrific program! I have focused on the basics, practicing the music notation videos, the rudiments, posture, watching that "pesky pinky finger", trying to convince my left hand to do what the right does easily and of course counting aloud, and fighting the temptation to go faster….  Your videos are clear, focused, understandable and hugely helpful, so thank you again!"

Betty - Drum Ambition Subscriber in the USA.


“Simply the best! I am a beginner drummer who began playing about a year ago thanks to Drum Ambition. This course teaches you everything you need to know to get up and get going, learning notation and sticking, as well as rudiments and all the fundamentals of drumming in one very user friendly course. Combine that with full support from owner Simon DasGupta and staff, and you have all the help you need. I highly recommend this course to anyone who aspires to play the drums. The cost is virtually nothing for what you get in return.”

Scott - Drum Ambition Subscriber in the USA.


“After reading reviews about a ton of different websites, it seemed obvious from the feedback that Drum Ambition was the right one for me. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED! The course is incredibly well structured, and Simon explains everything in a clear manner. I love the way that he believes that playing and learning the drums should be fun, so he ensures that you are given an opportunity to play basic rhythms from an early stage, and then carefully integrates a range of skills into these rhythms.”

Matt - Drum Ambition Subscriber in Australia.


“I liked that you broke everything down into workable parts. and that you focused on counting and reading music. I'm totally having fun and taking my time to learn all your lessons. I can't wait until I can put it all together and make good music myself.”

Roland - Drum Ambition Subscriber in the USA.

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