Our Story

We created Drum Ambition specifically for aspiring drummers like you.

You want to learn the drums, but you are busy. You may not have the time to visit a local drum teacher, but you still want and deserve quality instruction. Above all, it’s your spare time, and that time is priceless. You want the experience to be fun, fulfilling, and rewarding, and you want goals that are attainable in a realistic time frame. Good news. We get it.

Drum Ambition was founded by Simon DasGupta, a Professional Drummer and Drum Educator based in San Diego, California. 


Over his 20 year career as a drum set instructor, Simon has gained valuable insight into the challenges faced by student drummers. Coupled with his own playing experience in theater, television, on cruise ships, and with bands and independent artists, he is uniquely positioned to guide you through the joy of learning the drums and has gained critical acclaim from some of the world’s best drummers and instructors.

Simon is deeply passionate about drum education. One of his main concerns has been the ever-expanding volume of information online. While there is good content if you are prepared to search for it, there is also a lot of intimidating, confusing, incomplete, and contradictory advice that can be overwhelming to the hobbyist drummer. His vision for Drum Ambition is to walk aspiring musicians step by step through this incredible journey by providing structured, understandable, and entertaining content tailored specifically to the beginner and hobbyist drummer, delivered around three main study areas - drum beats, drum fills, and musicality.

Drum Ambition provides an unparalleled learning experience, featuring short, understandable videos with on-screen music notation, accompanying PDF files, additional audio file examples, step-by-step support, and truly outstanding value. We have recreated the intimacy of one-to-one drum lessons in an easy-to-navigate video platform. We have a structured, time-proven curriculum that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the cost of visiting a teacher. 

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Simon DasGupta, Founder and Presenter.

Travis Becktel, Partner.

Micah Johnson, Partner.

Your drumming adventure awaits.