Module 2 Lessons

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  1. -10:18
    Lesson 1

    The One Beat Drum Fill

    Now that you have worked through Module 1, you will be able to play along with some of your favorite songs. You will soon notice that…
  2. -9:25
    Lesson 2

    The Two Beat Drum Fill

    Once you have mastered the one-beat fills from Lesson 1 (including the extra five audio files), the next step is the two-beat fill. That makes sense,…
  3. -9:50
    Lesson 3

    The Three Beat Drum Fill

    At Drum Ambition, we love the power of three, and the three-beat fill will not disappoint. Once you have worked through these examples, we are ready…
  4. -15:19
    Lesson 4

    Orchestrating and Combining Fills

    Simon talks you through the art of orchestration. There are hundreds of variations of drum fills, and we get you thinking about all of the different…
  5. -12:12
    Lesson 5

    Adding Flams to Drum Fills

    We introduced you to the flam in our Special Feature Video Part 8. The flam is one of the 26 drum set rudiments and one of…
  6. -11:49
    Lesson 6

    Adding Drags to Drum Fills

    If you have watched Special Feature Video Part 9, you will be familiar with the drag. Now it's time to add these to our drum fills…
  7. -9:53
    Lesson 7

    Splitting Fills between the hands and feet

    Time for some fun coordination! We’ve talked about different snare drum and tom orchestrations, but did you know that the bass drum can add some attractive…
  8. -9:21
    Lesson 8

    Incorporating cymbals into drum fills

    Why would we leave our metal round friends out? After all, they can provide some beautiful texture or just outright punch to an otherwise basic drum…
  9. -11:10
    Lesson 9

    Intro and Lead-In Drum Fills

    When a drum fill starts the song, it is called an intro or lead-in fill. Get ready to click those sticks and count in the band! Just…
  10. -10:22
    Lesson 10

    Unison Drum Fills

    Unison sticking is when both hands are played in unison, split across two different drums for maximum effect! With these ten lessons under your belt, you…

Module 2 Music Notation

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  1. -0:59
    Notation 1

    Music Notation For Module 2

    Everything you need to complete Module 2 has previously been covered in Module 1 - Music Notation Videos 1-10. In this short video, Simon explains why…