Playing along with songs

Learn drum beats and fills - practice, grow, and play along!

Nothing is more fun than jamming along to your favorite songs. Our curriculum provides you with everything you need to make this dream a reality. We walk you step by step through the fun of building beats and fills, developing control, being musical, and if you want to dive deeper; understanding the language of music. Our lessons come with practice tips and goals to help you move towards this goal.


"I just wanted to thank you for creating Drum Ambition. I started as a complete novice in June not knowing anything about drumming (but having wanted to learn for 15 years), and by the time I finished Module 1 in  December I felt very confident playing along to some of my favorite songs. Your videos were always clear and well explained, which made practice easy."

Gabe - Drum Ambtion Subscriber in the USA.

Your drumming adventure awaits.