If you are looking for online drum lessons for beginners, or you are a drummer with more experience that wants to get better, we invite you to experience the Drum Ambition difference.

While we hope that our free content will give you a good insight into the quality of our online drum lessons, this article is about what really makes us different - our values, unique approach, and passion to help you succeed, have fun, and achieve your goals. We like to call it "The Drum Ambition Difference."

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Challenge accepted.

With an abundance of online choices comes the challenge of standing out amongst our competitors and offering a service that is genuinely unique, brings real value, solves problems, and is fun and entertaining to use. When we set out to create Drum Ambition in November 2014, these were all points that we considered carefully.

Who is Drum Ambition for?

We knew early on that our platform would be for beginner drummers and hobbyists with more experience that want to get better. We are incredibly passionate about working with people who are starting their musical journey and those with slightly more experience who want to build upon their foundation. The early stages are critical for any aspiring musician, and a successful grasp of the fundamentals can make or break their drumming adventure. It's a big responsibility and one we take very seriously. We understand that we might be helping someone achieve a lifelong dream, make the recent lockdowns more palatable, reduce some stress, or even pursue a music career.

Our one-teacher approach.

When you subscribe to Drum Ambition, you are not getting multiple drum teachers, each with different backgrounds and approaches, and often contradictory messages. You are getting one teacher, our Founder, and Presenter, Simon DasGupta. Aside from being a drum teacher with over 20 years of experience, he understands the responsibility, cares about your experience, and wants to help you achieve your personal goals.

Recreating the experience of a one-to-one drum lesson.

As someone who has worked with many drum teachers and enjoys the personal interaction with his own students, Simon was initially skeptical about whether it is possible to teach drums online effectively and wrestled with this thought for a long time during the planning process. This was when he came up with what we believe is perhaps our most important goal: providing you with the experience of a one-to-one drum lesson.

You are not alone on this journey.

The content has to be comprehensive, structured, and exceptionally well delivered - that is a given. But teaching is not just about imparting information. It is about guiding, inspiring, and building relationships. That is why the actual video lessons are just one feature of what we do.

Drum Ambition offers support to all subscribers through email and live chat.

Critically acclaimed curriculum backed by our Happiness Guarantee.

Our curriculum has been designed with the express goal of simplifying the beginner drumming experience and giving you an essential foundation in drum beats, drum fills, and musicality. We fine-tune the skills you need to develop in order to grow, have fun, and start playing along to music as soon as possible. There is an overwhelming amount of content available online, some good, some bad. Our goal is to provide you with a one-stop destination, providing structured, credible, understandable, and attainable educational content, all delivered by a cutting-edge platform with full support. We are confident that you will enjoy our approach and offer a 100% money-back Happiness Guarantee.

We are here to help!

Why not try the Drum Ambition Difference for yourself, and join the community of beginner and hobbyist drummers in over 50 countries that entrust their educational experience with us? Feel free to check out our free content, and if you have any questions or comments you would like to share, please email [email protected].

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