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  1. Developing Good Technique on Drums (2022 – Updated)

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    Developing good drum set technique is critical to becoming a competent, musical drummer. Whether you are focusing on your grip, bass drum technique, rudimental studies, sticking, or any other area that comes under the banner of technique – this section is for you! We have written extensively about all of the essential techniques that beginner and hobbyist drummers will focus on, and this collection of popular articles is updated regularly, answering many frequently asked questions. Articles. Understanding sticking concepts for… Read More

  2. One video every beginner drummer should watch (2021 – Updated)

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    As a beginner drummer starting this great adventure, you will have many questions on the basics of drumming. How do I hold my drum sticks? How should I play the bass drum pedal? Am I sitting correctly behind the drum set? Is my drum set positioned correctly? It’s always a great idea to regularly review fundamentals to develop effective techniques and good playing habits. We put this video together to help you with four areas that we are commonly asked… Read More

  3. Video Blog Episode 3 – Should drumming be painful?

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    Most drumming related aches and pains are a result of bad technique. The good news is that attention to grip, posture, bass drum technique and drum set ergonomics can help you stay healthy! In conjunction with this video blog, we strongly recommend that you watch this video, which covers all of the above areas of development in detail.   Helpful related articles. Should drumming be painful? Blood on the snare drum – The Whiplash myth. 10 bad drumming habits and… Read More