1. The Top Drum Ambition Blog Topics (July 2022 – Updated)

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    If you are taking online beginner drum lessons or are thinking about drumming as a hobby, we have a series of blog articles that can help you. We regularly add new features, and to help identify which ones may be relevant to you, we have compiled this list of the top Drum Ambition blog topics. The Top 10 Posts. How long does it take to learn the drums? Electronic vs Acoustic drums. Choose what’s right for you. 10 Bad drumming… Read More

  2. How do I spin a drum stick? This short video will get you started! (2022 – Updated)

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    When you are learning to play the drums, and even when you are a more experienced hobbyist, there are three things that you will no doubt be asked at some point by other drum enthusiasts and non-drummers alike. Can you spin a drum stick, play a paradiddle, and a smooth drum roll? Well, certainly not at the same time, of course! The reality is that these three things are difficult to do. They take a lot of practice and attention… Read More

  3. Do I have time to learn the drums? (2022 – Updated)

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    How long does it take to learn to play the drums? If you are considering online drum lessons, then you have most likely asked yourself if you have time to commit to learning and practicing. We all lead hectic lives. Our downtime is usually a premium and often at the cost of another endeavor. When undertaking a new hobby or interest, one of the most common roadblocks is not having enough time to dedicate to it. What if we told… Read More

  4. When is the right time to start playing with other musicians? (2022 – Updated)

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    You’ve been taking beginner drum lessons online or perhaps even supplementing them with classes from a local drum teacher. You’ve followed the curriculum and built up a solid understanding of basic grooves and fills, and you are playing along to songs and having a great time. So now what? Well, this is just the beginning! Now could be an excellent time to start playing with other musicians. At Drum Ambition, we have many subscribers having fun in bands, some of whom… Read More

  5. Learn how to play drums online by avoiding these 5 hurdles (2022 – Updated)

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    Throughout the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people have found joy in learning how to play the drums online. As you might imagine, we answered many questions ranging from how long it takes to recommendations on sound control to keep the neighbors happy!  Are you one of the many people who love music and find yourself irresistibly drawn to the beat? Have you ever thought about playing the drums, creating the rhythm, and driving a band of your own?… Read More

  6. What makes Drum Ambition different? (2022 – Updated)

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    If you are looking for online drum lessons for beginners, or you are a drummer with more experience that wants to get better, we invite you to experience the Drum Ambition difference. While we hope that our free content will give you a good insight into the quality of our online drum lessons, this article is about what really makes us different – our values, unique approach, and passion to help you succeed, have fun, and achieve your goals. We… Read More

  7. Are online drum lessons a good alternative to visiting a teacher? (2022 – Updated)

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    Many people turned to online drum lessons during Covid-19. Brand new drummers and experienced drummers alike started to find out for themselves that online drum lessons are fun and effective, despite the availability of these services being around for years before the pandemic turned everyday life upside down. At Drum Ambition, we champion the role that local teachers play within the drumming community. However, even before the pandemic, not everyone had the opportunity to work one-to-one with a drum teacher.… Read More

  8. How do I play a smooth drum roll? (2022 – Updated)

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    Playing a smooth drum roll takes a lot of practice. While most people expect drummers to produce a smooth drum roll on-demand, it is one of the hardest things to do well on the snare drum. So, if you are a beginner drummer or even a drummer with more experience that has not yet mastered this technique – don’t worry; you are not alone. The reality is that developing a smooth drum roll is the culmination of several finely tuned… Read More

  9. Getting Support When You Need It (2022 – Updated)

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    When learning the drums with Drum Ambition, you are not alone. All plans come with live chat and email support. This collection of popular articles answers many frequently asked questions on how Drum Ambition supports the drumming community. Articles. How Drum Ambition offers support and guidance. 13th January 2022. When is the right time to start playing with other musicians? 11th February 2022. Jargon Busting! Understanding drum terminology. 24th January 2022. What makes Drum Ambition different? 13th January 2022. Are… Read More

  10. Developing Good Technique on Drums (2022 – Updated)

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    Developing good drum set technique is critical to becoming a competent, musical drummer. Whether you are focusing on your grip, bass drum technique, rudimental studies, sticking, or any other area that comes under the banner of technique – this section is for you! We have written extensively about all of the essential techniques that beginner and hobbyist drummers will focus on, and this collection of popular articles is updated regularly, answering many frequently asked questions. Articles. Understanding sticking concepts for… Read More