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  1. 5 Ways Drum Ambition can help more experienced drummers

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    Drum Ambition has been designed from the ground up for beginner drummers to walk them seamlessly through the early days of drumming. But did you know that we also routinely help drummers with more experience? Are you an intermediate-level drummer or a more experienced hobbyist looking for online drum lessons? Perhaps you are one of the many self-taught drummers who never took formal instruction, or maybe you have already dabbled with a few drum lessons. If you are interested in… Read More

  2. Video Blog Episode 1 – Why is reading music notation important?

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    Understanding basic music notation will make your learning experience much more productive, and set you up for longer term success. Drum Ambition has been designed for both students that want to learn music notation, and equally for those who do not. With that said, Simon is a huge advocate for learning basic music theory, because in his opinion, it makes the experience better, quicker, and more comprehensive. It is highly recommended that you watch all 10 Music Notation videos in… Read More