creating drum fills

  1. Learning Beats and Fills (2022 – Updated)

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    Learning different drum beats and understanding how to develop creative drum fills is an essential part of learning to play the drums and developing your skills. We have a collection of popular articles on this subject that are updated regularly and answer many frequently asked questions. Articles. Understanding sticking concepts for beginner drummers. 5th July 2022. Why is reading drum music important? 18th May 2022. Jargon Busting! Understanding drum terminology. 24th January 2022. How the Drum Ambition Curriculum helps you… Read More

  2. Best Online Drum Lessons (November 2021 – Updated)

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    With the holidays fast approaching, many people are searching for the best online drum lessons. Whether you are a complete beginner with a drum set on your holiday list or a more experienced hobbyist wanting to revisit some essential fundamentals and improve your technique – Drum Ambition has been created for you! This article will share more about our approach, including free sample lessons and the details of our curriculum. “I feel more confident as a drummer after one month… Read More