1. Understanding Essential Rudiments (2022 – Updated)

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    An essential fundamental of learning the drums is understanding the importance of the drum set rudiments and where they fit into day-to-day drumming. A handful of essential drum set rudiments can transform your playing, making you a much more controlled and musical drummer. We receive many questions on this topic, and these frequently updated articles can help you understand how the drum set rudiments can be applied in music. Articles. Understanding sticking concepts for beginner drummers. 5th July 2022. Jargon… Read More

  2. Video Blog Episode 2 – Are the drum set rudiments important?

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    Conventional drumming wisdom will tell you that mastering the drum set rudiments is an essential step in becoming a solid and proficient drummer. But how does this view relate to beginner and hobbyist drummers who mostly want to focus on drum beats, fills, and playing along to music? Simon discusses the merits of applying the core-four rudiments, how they will eventually embellish your drumming, and why you shouldn’t lose sleep over them in the early days of your drumming adventure.… Read More