1. How do I make my drums quieter? 5 Tips for household harmony (2021 – Updated)

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    With the holidays drawing nearer, the sight of a drum set on the Christmas list can ring alarm bells for many people! One of the biggest concerns for many aspiring drummers (and those sharing space with them) is the inescapable fact that drums are loud! Electronic drums are great but are not everyone’s first choice, and unless you have the luxury of a large property or a soundproof room, your drums and cymbals are likely to be heard around the… Read More

  2. How to get a great sound from your new drum set (2021 – Updated)

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    Buying your first drum set is an exhilarating moment, and the day those boxes arrive at your door is one you’ll never forget. To be truly inspired to play an instrument, it has to sound good, and this is where some beginner drummers need a little help. Your new drums may need to be assembled from the box, including drum head fitting and tuning, or you may have purchased a pre-owned drum set that needs some TLC. Some low maintenance… Read More

  3. The top 5 drum innovations of the last 20 years.

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    We live in a truly inspiring time, where innovation seemingly has no boundaries. While the way we manufacture drums, hardware and cymbals hasn’t changed very much in recent years, there are some outstanding innovations that have reshaped our instrument, and to an extent, our industry. Here are my personal top 5 drum innovations of the last 20 years, based on my experience as a working drummer and educator, as well as drawing on my past experience running one of the… Read More