Phil Collins

  1. Developing your weaker hand (2021 – Updated)

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    Is it realistic to expect both hands to feel equally balanced when learning the drums? We all have a dominant hand. It’s the way we’re wired, and there’s not much we can do about it. Or is there? This article is intended to be useful for left-handed drummers wondering whether to reverse their setup and any drummer interested in developing their weaker hand. Sitting behind a drum set for the first time, we soon learn that coordination is quite challenging.… Read More

  2. Is it OK to simplify drum parts? (2021 – Updated)

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    Playing along with your favorite songs on the drums is a lot of fun, especially when approached in the right way.  If you find yourself obsessing about playing a drum part exactly as it was recorded, or struggling because it’s too technical or too fast, then this article will help you. Simplification is a word that often comes up in our videos. You can apply the simplification approach to just about every aspect of your drumming, from beats and fills… Read More