1. 5 Ways Drum Ambition can help more experienced drummers

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    Drum Ambition has been designed from the ground up for beginner drummers to walk them seamlessly through the early days of drumming. But did you know that we also routinely help drummers with more experience? Are you an intermediate-level drummer or a more experienced hobbyist looking for online drum lessons? Perhaps you are one of the many self-taught drummers who never took formal instruction, or maybe you have already dabbled with a few drum lessons. If you are interested in… Read More

  2. Best Online Drum Lessons (November 2021 – Updated)

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    With the holidays fast approaching, many people are searching for the best online drum lessons. Whether you are a complete beginner with a drum set on your holiday list or a more experienced hobbyist wanting to revisit some essential fundamentals and improve your technique – Drum Ambition has been created for you! This article will share more about our approach, including free sample lessons and the details of our curriculum. “I feel more confident as a drummer after one month… Read More

  3. Video Blog Episode 3 – Should drumming be painful?

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    Most drumming related aches and pains are a result of bad technique. The good news is that attention to grip, posture, bass drum technique and drum set ergonomics can help you stay healthy! In conjunction with this video blog, we strongly recommend that you watch this video, which covers all of the above areas of development in detail.   Helpful related articles. Should drumming be painful? Blood on the snare drum – The Whiplash myth. 10 bad drumming habits and… Read More