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Module 1. 30 Videos. The Essentials! There are two categories of videos here. "Lessons" are videos covering basic drum beats and fills, while "Notation" videos provide essential instruction on understanding music and notation.

Module 2. 10 Videos. The Next Step! Creating and expanding on musical drum fills. These videos will help you develop your own creative drum fills. Includes 1, 2 and 3 beat fills, rudimental fills, unison fills and bass/tom combination fills.

Module 3. 10 Videos. Mastering the bass drum. The perfect next step after completing Modules 1 and 2; these videos expand your 8th and 16th note groove library, by adding more musical and challenging bass drum patterns.

Module 4. 10 Videos. Putting it all together! Armed with your new groove arsenal from Module 3, we now add some off-beat snare drum to give you some superb musical options. These beats can be heard in many genres of music.

Module 5. 10 Videos. Expanding Grooves! We cover some more popular beats that are essential for every drummer to know. We discover cool new musical twists on old favorites, and look at new styles including swing, jazz, and triplet based beats.

Special Feature Videos. 25 Videos. Extra-curriculum videos on grip, bass drum technique, posture, positioning your drums, rudiments, stick tricks and more. We also answer some frequently asked questions on practice, learning and equipment.