We are excited to announce that Drum Ambition is expanding its online drum lesson curriculum. Following on from the success of Module 1, which has seen Drum Ambition memberships expand to over 20 countries worldwide, we are launching two brand new modules. The first of these, Module 2, goes Live at the end of April 2020, with Module 3 following in mid-May.

Fun, structure and setting attainable goals.

Combined, these new modules will provide over 150 new beats, and 130 new drum fills in a series of videos and audio files - all tailored for beginner drummers ready to take the next step. This will expand the overall curriculum to over 70 videos, with all lessons continuing to feature on-screen music notation, downloadable sheet music, and extra audio files. As always, the emphasis is on fun, structure, and setting attainable goals to build your skills, and help you start playing along to your favorite songs.

Filmed and recorded at Studio West in San Diego, our latest videos feature the Yamaha DTX950 Series electronic drum set, to provide a first class audio experience. As aways, all videos are shot in HD with multiple camera angles, and real-time highlighted notation graphics continue to be a premium feature that sets us aside from other online platforms.

Module 2 expands on building musical and creative drum fills - something first covered at a fundamental level in videos 4, 5, 9 and 10 in Module 1. We introduce our subscribers to the one, two, and three beat drum fills, adding rudiments, hand and foot combinations, and unison drum fills. Module 3 vastly expands our groove library, by focusing on extra bass drum control, building upon 8th and 16th note beats learned in Module 1.

Despite the addition of this expanded content, Drum Ambition is committed to maintaining 2020 subscription rates for existing customers. If you have any questions on our new Modules, please contact us, or visit our Curriculum page.

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