Assembling a drum set for the first time can be tricky, but we have created a 15-minute video to help you do it quickly and thoroughly.

You've done the research, purchased the drum set, and now you are ready to start drumming. That is until you open the boxes, see that there are multiple parts, and ask yourself, "How do I put together a drum set?" Fear not! We are here to help you, and our specially produced video shows you the essentials of assembling a drum kit straight from the box.

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Since we published this video on YouTube, we've racked up well over 160K views and seem to be helping many people along the way.

"Thank you so much! I bought this drum set and was very confused when looking at the manual, so searched up some assembly videos. This video was a life saver!"

"Thank you for this video. I got my son the same set of drums for Christmas and he was able to put it together himself with your video."

"Thank you!! This was so helpful and the only way I could have put together this kit on my own for my daughter's Christmas present."

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Inside the boxes, you'll find the snare drum, bass drum, and toms that make up a drum set. If included in your purchase, you will also see your hardware set and cymbals. Did you remember your drum sticks? They are often not included, believe it or not.

You may find that, with guidance, assembling a drum set is not as daunting as it might initially seem. Many manufacturers do a great job of pre-assembling the trickier items, such as the snare drum. While the assembly is not as complex as you might have imagined, the tuning and positioning of the drums and cymbals can be a little challenging at first.

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