When you are learning to play the drums, and even when you are a more experienced hobbyist, there are three things that you will no doubt be asked at some point by other drum enthusiasts and non-drummers alike.

Can you spin a drum stick, play a paradiddle, and a smooth drum roll? Well, certainly not at the same time, of course! The reality is that these three things are difficult to do. They take a lot of practice and attention to essential techniques. So if you are one of many drummers that may not be accomplished in these areas, fear not, because we have all been there.

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The good news is that Drum Ambition covers each of these areas, and a lot more, in our Special Feature Videos that accompany our primary curriculum. This library of videos touches on essential topics, from setting up and positioning your drums to holding your drum sticks, playing basic rudiments, and developing good practice techniques. The first Special Feature Video is free, and you can watch it here.

So back to the topic of this article - how do you twirl a drum stick? Whether the term spinning or twirling is used, we are essentially talking about the same thing. This question comes up in most beginner drum lessons. It may not be essential to playing, but it's a lot of fun!

Showmanship has its place in drumming, and in this video, we show you how to spin your drum sticks. Simon also references drummers that tastefully blend showmanship with the most crucial task of all - being a musical, solid drummer.


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