Whether you are taking beginner online drum lessons, studying with a drum teacher, or simply playing for your own amusement, you never forget buying your first drum set. Before you can get started, there is a certain amount of assembly that needs to be done, and unless you have made a prior arrangement with your retailer, the whole drum set is delivered in one or two boxes for self assembly. Most instructional videos on drum set assembly run 30-45 minutes and more, but Drum Ambition is here to help! In this short 14 minute video, we make it easy by explaining the key moments of assembling a beautiful Yamaha Stage Custom Birch drum set.

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This video is presented in conjunction with Yamaha Drums. The Stage Custom Birch in particular requires minimum assembly, with most of the drums conveniently assembled before shipping. In fact, over my career as a Drum Teacher with a music retail background, I have never experienced a drum set so quick and easy to assemble as this one!

The Stage Custom Birch is delivered in one box, which can mean significantly lower shipping costs! It is important to note that your new drum set, unless specifically stated otherwise in the product description, may not come with hardware (pedals and stands) and cymbals. These are often additional purchases that will come in extra boxes. Check the description of what you are buying very carefully, and if you need help on researching starter drum sets, check out this feature.

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