Drum Ambition has expanded its online drum lesson curriculum to 100 videos, with the launch of Module 5.

In a further step towards our goal of being the best place to learn drums online, the launch of this new Module adds a further 10 high quality drum lesson videos, with 50 new beats and fills, and a further 100 examples on bonus audio files. As always, every lesson has on-screen music notation, and accompanying sheet music.

This latest series of videos is all about expanding groove and fill ideas, and we cover some more popular beats that are essential for every drummer to know. We discover cool new embellishments and musical twists on old favorites, and look at new styles including jazz, swing and triplet based beats. We also dive deeper into beats that are used commonly in all popular music genres, building upon the foundation of Modules 1-4, and further enhancing your journey as a musical drummer.

You can find specific content detail relating to Module 5 on our curriculum page, by looking at the Beats and Fills section. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

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