Aside from natural wear and tear, the most common cause of breaking drum sticks is a simple gap in technique. How you hold your sticks, how tight you grip them, and how hard you hit can affect their lifespan. With the average cost of a good pair of sticks being around $15, accidentally breaking them can become expensive. In this video blog, Simon discusses how being aware of technique can prolong the life of your favorite pair of sticks. Be sure to watch the Special Feature Video Part 1, which focuses on Grip.

In our videos, Simon uses the Vic Firth 5A wood tip model. We've included links below so that you can purchase these sticks if you can't make it in to your friendly local drum store. As an associate of, we may make a commission if you choose to buy these products here.

Vic Firth 5A wood tip.

Vic Firth 5A nylon tip.


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