Since visiting a local drum teacher has been challenging recently, many beginner drummers are starting their drumming adventure online. Aspiring drummers worldwide have discovered the benefits of video drum lessons, where you can feel completely at ease in your own space and focus on perhaps the most important goal of all - having fun.

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions addressing what is covered in your first drum lesson, the initial goals, why we won't bog you down with too much detail, and how our video lessons differ from Live Zoom lessons.

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What should be the goal of my first drum lesson?

Have fun! Playing the drums is so much fun, and we assume that you are here because you are curious to see if the drums are a good fit for you. We don't want to overburden you with too much information in your first lesson, so we keep the goals focused and attainable. Your longer-term goals may be to progress on the instrument, play along to your favorite songs, or perhaps one day jam along with your musician friends. On the other hand, this may be a short-term passing interest until daily life returns to normal. Either way, we are here to help you achieve your goals and have created our platform to help you be successful. First and foremost, you need a basic introduction and guidance on what the next steps will look like. In the beginning, it is most important to have fun and build self-confidence on the instrument. That way, you can make an informed decision on whether you want to dive deeper.

What does Drum Ambition teach in the first lesson?

We are a curriculum-based platform that is designed specifically for beginner drummers. In our first free lesson, you will get a good idea of our teaching style. In this lesson, we put together your first basic drum beat, which is best described as a popular and prevalent pop/rock beat. Since this beat forms the foundation of literally thousands of hit records and is quite achievable with a small amount of practice, this is always a good place to start. We walk you step by step through the creative process of developing this first drum beat - making it comfortable, manageable, and attainable. You'll feel like a Rockstar when you can play this for the first time!

Why don't we talk about holding the sticks and other techniques straight away?

We'll definitely get there. However, in our first video, you will notice that we don't talk about holding the sticks, using the bass drum pedal efficiently, and sitting correctly. There is a reason for this - it is distracting. You will have enough to focus on just counting and coordinating, and we can only focus on so many things at once. We want you to have fun and show you that you can do this. We don't overload you with details and techniques. When you are happily playing the basic beat, you can watch the next videos in the series that expand on these more technical areas. Don't worry; you won't develop any bad habits in this short time period.

How does the video lesson approach differ from taking a Zoom class with a teacher?

One of the biggest benefits of learning with Drum Ambition is that you can work at your own pace and on your own schedule. Also, it's a fraction of the cost of taking a series of Zoom classes. You will have full access to our structured curriculum, which has been developed through years of teaching the drums. Our Founder and Presenter, Simon DasGupta, is a Drum Educator with over 20 years of experience. He developed the curriculum based on his years of experience helping adults and children of all levels achieve their goals. Unlike many other video lesson platforms, we offer a one-teacher approach, structured lesson plan tailored towards beginners, and we don't just leave you to it. (Unless, of course, you want to be left alone). We have a variety of support options, and regardless of your chosen plan, you'll always have access to Simon. Zoom lessons are different in that they are usually one-to-one lessons in real-time. They can be an enjoyable and effective way of learning, as long as you understand these sessions' possible limitations.

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